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Does your cat have missing honeycomb?

Forget the OEM or universal cat. Use the CARB website and figure out which cats with EO numbers are certified for use on your car. Don't ever stray from this!
A cheaper, but EO numbered cat will probably last you a few years and get you past smog a few times. Don't expect the world of it, but remember, you can can practically buy 2-3 Magnaflows for the price of an OEM.

Might want to quickly summarize what's transpired with your ride and what's wrong. Kinda hard to follow... Sounds like you have a leaking CBV. Look for a flat area (~1.5"x0.75") near the intake of the turbo. Might be covered in thick icky black crap. Should be an ID plate underneath if it's a Mitsubishi type turbo.
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