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Well, I am getting to the end of my proverbial rope with this thing now.

Continue to be impressed by the killer stuff these guys have helped me out with on this car. Huge shout out to STS Machining's Scott and Taylor for helping with my idea.

I was having issues with the rear rubber bushings on the lower control arms. I hatched the idea of a delrin bushing for the rear that was captured in the cup, Taylor made the first set, a 2 piece design that would not be able to be pulled out the front of the cup.

Here is what the end result is. A 2 piece delrin bushing, the cup welded into the actual bucket that bolts to the car. For the first time I can without a doubt tell you that this is not moving around at all.

Getting machined

Parts cut and fresh out of the freezer ready to be installed.

This cup was cleaned and welded in place so that it cannot get pulled out.


When I took these current bushings out, the one on the drivers side had come out of the cup so far that the flange on the backside was not even holding it in any longer. The passenger side had started to pull the cup out of the bucket.

No its not the Fancy Sellholm arms, maybe those can go in someday in the future.

SO now I have lower control arms that are not moving around, great should be problem solved right.....wrong.

Still does the same ****.

You can center the steering wheel, go out for a drive and it will move from left to right depending on what you are doing.

It seems to be getting worse. If I go hard on the gas, the steering wheel will be off center to one side, if I go around a hard turn, brake or something then it will be off center to the other side.

I checked all the front crossmember bolts and they were not crazy tight, drove it again this morning before work and same problem.

I installed new hardware on the steering rack when installed. Considering that it changes on hard launches, I am leaning towards something loose in the rear suspension.

Might have time to look at it over the weekend but have graduation activities from this afternoon through Sunday.

Any good opinions I am all ears.

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