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Originally Posted by matt b View Post
Please run some safety wire into your spinners. I know I'm preaching to the choir but this makes me far more nervous than it should.

Are you using a lead hammer to remove them ? Are they reverse thread on one side like AC Cobras ? I have a tool on a permanent loaner to a friend to remove the knock off, it avoids having to hit them. I'll try to dig up a picture.

Beautiful car by the way, I'm very jealous.
Matt, no real reason to be so concerned, the L.H. hubs are R.H. tread and the R.H. hubs are a L.H. thread and both stay tight because the rotation of the wheels and knockoffs keep them tight. Both the hubs, knockoffs, and wheels are identical those used on the original small block Cobras. If you were running in a race safety wire is a good idea in case you spin out and end up going backward for a long distance.

After over 25-years of working on clients vintage racing cars here in the shop and at the track I have never seen or experienced a knock off properly tightened ever come loose. Halibrand wheels were first used on sprint and Indy cars in the late-1940s so the wheels could be changed quickly and they are never safety-wired at the end of a pit stop after a tire change. I don't think Ford,s pit crews did it at LeMans on the Cobras and GT40s either.

Yes, as was mentioned earlier I use a 5-pound lead hammer and keep the end covered between uses with a snap on sewed leather cover to keep the lead from picking up grit and later scaring aluminum, or chrome-plated steel spinners.

In over 2500-miles over all types of roads last fall these knock outs never loosened (checked them several times) and were still tight when I took them off this winter.

Thanks for the complement. The only reason I ended up with this car was because of a very long search and moving fast when it became available. At the time the Canadian $ was down quiet a bit compared to the US $. In the end between that and an owner who just wanted it gone I was able buy it for only a couple for thousand more that what the average batched up unrestored car needing a lot of work was selling at the time. Deals are out there.
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