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So since the last go round I have done a few things.

1. Intake pressure test was good, It holds pressure all the way to the tailpipe.
2. Messed around with the wastegate actuator rod, tightened the pre-load considerably, no change.
3. The throttle opens wide. I did adjust that for a little more opening, but it was close enough before so no real change.
4. An exhaust restriction was suspect with the dying catalyst, but that problem is no more. No more cat, and its loud and hollow sounding now. It does pull better at the top end, and revs a bit more freely just not in a boosted way. Bigger turbo and free flowing exhaust will do that I guess.
5. Found the crack in the t3 turbine housing, it looked pretty bad. So I swapped turbos. I wanted to end up with the bigger turbo eventually, but not with the current performance. So I'll stick with the currrent turbo for a little while.

Things I haven't done yet, that I should.
-Bypass the intercooler, maybe there is an animal or a sweater in there.
-I think I'll do a leakdown test this week, just to get a bit more information about the motor condition. I think the problem must be here internally somewhere. This was the slowest NA car I have ever driven by a long shot. I think this problem pre-dates the + turbo stuff.
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