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I picked up a stock 740T intercooler from my Volvo parts suppliers on the way home from work. I swapped the NPR for the stock Volvo and magic happened. I had to loosen the boost controller about 3 turns so far because I keep hitting the high pressure cut I set in Megasquirt. It is time to get her tuned up and enjoy the ride! The china turbo feels about right now. It spools slightly slow, but hits hard at about 3000 rpm. Thats about what I expected with an automatic car.

The NPR looks fine inside. But it must be loaded with grease or dirt in the tubes. I dunno, its a mystery. I have run a couple of them in the past with good luck. I like the way the stock volvo cooler fits better anyway. It gives me some room to mount the engine oil cooler if I want. I wonder if its worth filling with some solvent to clean up the insides.
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