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Yeah, I thought about installing my boost/pressure gauge before and after the intercooler a while ago, but didn't have the parts handy. And a plugged intercooler? pffft. Who ever heard of that? The intercooler swap was an easy test, and I was able to pick up a stock one from a friend on a whim. I looked everywhere in the intake and exhaust tract for leaks and restrictions. I only suspected the intercooler because there was nothing else to try.

I ran this setup with LH2.4 for a while. But you can't really monitor airflow very easily with LH2.4. I honestly got more information from looking at the datalogs with Megasquirt. Watching the manifold pressure climb so slowly was enough to tell me there was a leak or restriction somewhere.

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I don't think that a MAF would have helped even if he had used it, as it would have registered low airflow regardless of whether the intercooler was plugged, the rings were fried, valves burned, or exhaust pinched. Best way to tell would have been to put a gauge or pressure sensor before and after the intercooler. Much easier to swap intercoolers at that point anyway.
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