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Originally Posted by Redwood Chair View Post
Somewhere in 87, [I think late in the year] so many of them are good in fact I wouldn't write off any of the LH 2.2 cars since most have replacement harnesses by now anyway...


Or even a nice B23 / LH 2.0 car.
LH 2.2 is awesome. My '87 with 340K miles has gotten zero love in the decade I've owned it. Touch the starter and it roars to life. Like new compression. Uncanny. 1987 was a so-so year for wiring. Mine's been OK, but the insulation isn't as long wearing as the later cars.

Originally Posted by John242Ti View Post
Also, don't limit yourself to 1990-93 240's. The 1989 models are mostly the same, but without the bomb in the steering wheel. I've actually downdated my family's '92 to an '89, since it had the 1st generation bomb installed.

It's actually functional as an airbag. A friend just had his '93 get smashed head on up to the A-pillar and the airbag actually did some good. Of course, I was in a pretty good collision in an '85 245 20 years ago... so I'm not sold.

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