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Autocrossing pics are great!!! Looks the old girl had a great time 'rolling' around out there. And you have plans that will make it only get better from there.

FWIW - if you're not fond of stock bumper set up (too big and sticking too far out for my liking) and don't want to pony up for the later model bumpers - I took the stock aluminum forgings off - and used them as a mold to lay up replacement fiberglass bumpers INSIDE the stockers. The finished product is slightly smaller than the stockers since they were laid up inside the stockers. We pushed the shock absorbing mounts all the way back -- and then mounted the fiberglass pieces to the stock mounts. Sit much tighter to the body and are a bit smaller to boot. Knocks about 45 lbs. off the car. My front replacement weighs about 5 lbs. and the rear weighs about 3.5 lbs. Of course - no protection at all - but, a risk I was willing to take.
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