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Originally Posted by project volvo View Post
amazing job, well from waht i know.. and i do know that you spent hours sanding :(
Originally Posted by M.H. Yount View Post
Nicely done. Is there a tutorial in the threads anywhere about upgrading to the later model flush mount windshield? I'd like to make that move for mine. Time to search I suppose...

Thanks; it was a good deal of work. I started last month, working on it nights & weekends and just got the final coat of paint on a few days ago. Slow and steady paid off for this project.

As for the late model 240 flush windshield, Redwood Chair installed one in his '82 wagon and has detailed postings showing all the steps. Start at post #545, and keep reading onto the next page:

I'm planning on calling around to various mobile glass shops to see who has the nice OE-quality Pilkington glass. I'll let the pros do the install while I watch & learn.
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