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A few weeks ago I bought a gorgeous brown dash from Dave Barton, with no cracks and very little fading. Decided to splurge a bit since having the windshield out was the perfect time to do a dash swap for easy access.

The typical Volvo wiring spaghetti mess was obvious once I pulled the old dash out:

So I did a bit of cleanup, re-routing some wires and vacuum hoses and zip-tying everything together that I could in order to reduce rattling noises while driving. The zip-tied wire pictures are more boring than a bag of rocks so I won't share them here.

Once the new dash was in I called around to various mobile glass distributors until I found one with access to the OE-quality Pilkington glass, so I went with that since it was only $20 more than the cheap stuff.

Getting the pinch-weld / flange ready for glass installation with a final cleaning:

(the old black gooey butyl tape is the stickiest stuff I have worked with in a while and didn't come off without a fight)

Mr. Glass Man painted the pinch weld and the inside edge of the glass with fast-drying primer, squirted a bead of urethane windo-weld with his nifty electric caulking gun, and set the glass in place.

One-man operation:

This guy said he has been installing glass since the year I was born. He did a good job.


Back to the dash swap... for comparative purposes here's a "before" shot of the original dash, formerly brown, cracked, painted black with a blue glove box:'s the spanking-new (looking) awesome crack-free brown dash installed with matching glovebox. Also please note the matching center console & kick panels that I found in the junkyard a few months ago, and the inside of the new windshield:

My reversion back to nice brown-interiored beige sleeper mobile is almost complete. Mwa ha haaaa...
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