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So, I also had a new check engine light. I used the lh2.4 diagnostic box to figure out it was from my oxygen sensor. I quickly realized I never snugged down the O2 sensor. Fixed that and tried to clear the code with lh2.4 box. I couldn't get it to clear so disconnected the battery. That did the trick. Put a good bit of miles on her today and no cel.

I got a light and checked all around. No signs of moisture anywhere from leaks except above the water pump. It's only damp, so not sure if it's oil or coolant. I hope that's my only leak on the car.

Now for the boost creep. I did some research and decided I needed to loosen my wastegate. I loosened the set screw and gave it a full revolution looser. I tightened it all back down. It's now hitting about 7 psi and only creeps to 10-11ish psi by the top of the rev range. Is this stable enough to add a manual boost controller? Or do I still have some issue? I read increased exhaust flow will just naturally cause this creep but I've never dealt with it before.
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