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Now for the boost creep. I did some research and decided I needed to loosen my wastegate. I loosened the set screw and gave it a full revolution looser. I tightened it all back down. It's now hitting about 7 psi and only creeps to 10-11ish psi by the top of the rev range. Is this stable enough to add a manual boost controller? Or do I still have some issue? I read increased exhaust flow will just naturally cause this creep but I've never dealt with it before.
Adjusting your WG rod tension only changes the threshold pressure of boost where it opens.

If you've truly got boost creep, then your turbo is producing more boost than the engine can consume, which results in a slow rise in system pressure.

The Garrett T3 that I ran the last 5 years boosted a steady 16 psi and I never experienced creep.... but it also had a well ported WG opening (nicely blended and only about 1mm from the edge of the flapper all around). Is your turbine housing & WG setup stock?
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