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Nice 940, very tastefully done and I read your progress with interest - we have a 1994 945T that is also being slowly modified, staying with the auto transmission though. Something you might want to consider is that matrix oil cooler, Volvo more or less went cheap on that over the older 740 turbos with their separate oil cooler mounted up by the radiator.

In the process of mounting a 1992 - 94 960 cooler ( mounted under the lower radiator support ), you also need the earlier oil filter adapter housing and then have some oil lines made up. The problem with those integrated oil coolers is that they can fail leading to coolant mixing with the oil and of course the coolant hoses themselves. I should add that you also need the metal feed pipe at the back of the water pump from a 2/7/900 series non turbo ( or earlier turbo 740 ) and the coolant drain petcock or similar sized plug as the later 940T used both the pipe and the coolant drain location as circulation points for the oil cooler.

That 960 oil cooler fits perfectly with no modifications - hoping to have ours set up soon.

Also, you might want to try locating a pair of aluminum forged control arms, saves a good amount of weight - need the later style sway bar links as well. Just suggestions of course - the 1995+ control arm reinforcing plates are a good idea too, good to see you installed those.

It never hurts to spend more money, right?

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