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Originally Posted by BDKR
I've allways been under the understanding that Ethanol has some negatives in terms of engine longevity.


It's also been my understanding that ehtanol attracts moisture. Here is a post on a board that is a guy quoting a Mercury (boat engines and stuff) dealer about ethanol.

Then there is the entry on The Auto Blog about it.
One of the comments is really interesting.

And another...

In short, I'm not really convinced in spite of the aggressive nature with which it's being pushed onto the public. As a fuel, it works, but it's no saviour. The bugs and surrounding issues need to be solved.
Hey guys, learn, learn.
There are a lot of very uneducated statements here. Ethanol is a far superior fuel than Hydrocarbon fuels, "OIL/Gasoline."
Truth, if you just pour it into a none Ethonal tuned system it will be a real problem as you seem to think it is. The other possibility here is that you are paid to say these things by the oil companies.
I really don't believe that but the possibility exists.
No we will not need to emport Ethanol from anywhere. No the largest ethanol maker in the US isn't a foregin owned agent. It is a U.S. Farmer owned company in Iowa.
It also appears that those of you posting here think E-85 is something you mix with gasoline.
E-85 is 15% gasoline, 85% ethanol hence the E-85 label, "E for ethanol, 85 for 85%.
If your worried about reporgramming your ECM for each of or mixtures of the ethanol/gasoline then look at the MegaSquirt ECM. You can do almost as much as you please with this system.
You do have to learn, learn and think, think! Of course the oil companies are not going to support this but the security of this country is at stake on this oil problem. Watch the news. If we didn't need oil, if just 50% of the U.S. population would make thier own fuel and help their neighbor who can't/won't we would need oil only for durable goods like plastics, other synthetics, drugs, chemicals that only can be made from, "petrochemicals", "hydrocarbons" and live in a cleaner environment.
My old man used to say, "boy you need to enguage your brain before running your mouth."
You all sound like intellegent people and you seem to be WEB savvy so do some research.
Learn, the info is here. If you don't understand, talk to someone who does, "it's called totoring".
Have fun! Burn clean/cheap/free fuel.
I make about 1500 gal of ethanol each year.
I use absolutely free energy to distill it.
I built the still.
You can too.
I don't mix ethanol with gasoline.
I don't want that crap, "gasoline" in my machines. For your info I fly a home built aircraft that cruises at 410 mph at sea level. At 25,000 ft that is very close to the speed of sound. It uses ethanol. I make it to the West coast from Texas in about 2.5 hours if the jet stream is below 100mph. If it is that fast I load on another 20 gal or so of jet fuel before I leave the coast, Phew, nasty stuff so as to get back nonestop.
No I'm not going to offer to do the tutoring on ethanol, injectors, ECM's, aircraft.
It is easy to do.
Bottom line....... learn, learn, learn,
If your still in High School, stay and learn, learn, learn.
It doesn't take a high IQ for this it takes a little effort. Learn, learn, learn.
I've been using ethanol since 1973.
At first I used it outside the law when it was nearly impossible to make it legaly.
Now it would be stupid to break the law. It is easy to get a license to make your own brew for fuel.
P.S. I also inject a small amount of Hydrogen into the airstream entering the engines of my road vehicles that causes the primary fuel, "ethanol, gasoline etc" to change the mode of combustion to the hydrogen cumbustion mode making the burn even cleaner, faster proprogating and allowing ingition timing to be after top dead center thus saving the load of compressing against an already started combustion process like is occuring when fireing before TDC.
More miles per gallon.
More power where it belongs, "the wheels".

Same machine tuned for pure ethanol will out perform gasoline in almost every way.
1. mileage
2. brute power
3. cleaner
4. longivity
5. maintainance
6. etc,etc,etc,etc
The only people who are saying bad things about Ethanol, Ethanol mixes, "E-85", Hydrogen etc are either oil investors, producers or people who just don't understand the combustion process.
Those who don't understand the process are probably stating their opinion from making a half baked attempt to burn something besides gasoline or hydrocarbon Diesel.
It isn't any harder to burn good fuel verses the damned garbage that's been sold to us ever since Henry Ford got into a relation with the oil producers back when.
Misinformation and ignorance is the largest problem.
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