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Later on, I will try this mod in conjuction with E85: Advance/retard timing on EZ116K

If we can sort it out, it will definitely be a great benefit when running E85. It is said that somewhere between 9 to 12 degrees of extra ignition advance works great with E85.

The mileage will be a lot better and the power will be much greater that what is achieveable on gasoline.

When you are running E85 and a lot of advanced timing, the statements "-That turbo will only be enough for 300HP", "-Get a bigger IC" and "-I have trouble with pinging" will not be heard/used very often.

People in Sweden has run ~330HP and ~350lb/ft of torque on E85 when using this setup and similar:

16T turbo (18psi of boost)
VX3 cam
531 head
48lb/hr injectors
9.0:1 CR
Chipped fuel ECU
Stock ignition ECU

Same setup on gasoline:

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