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Originally Posted by hiperfauto View Post
The F gasket is .039" compressed.

The B18 rods are notoriously weak. 6 bolt B20 rods are reinforced in the problem area and aren't a problem under 6500 rpm. 8 bolt B20 rods can be swapped for M rods if you don't think they're up to the task.

The rods on my PV's motor had weird little wear(?) marks *right* where that red arrow is pointing. Right on that spot, on both sides of the rod, little lines across the inside of the big end. As far as I can tell, the big end was flexing at that spot, perhaps just a little.

I noticed this the last time I had it apart to replace a piston with a little broken chunk on it.
Flexing big ends on rods didn't seem like a good idea, so I put it back together with another set of B21Ft pistons and a set of B20 rods.
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