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Yeah I understood from reading your topic. Over here a lot is allowed, there are some clear regulations but a lot is possible as long as it's executed properly. I made some calls with the RDW (government regulator) to be sure I'm not putting in all the work for nothing.
The engine has to be mounted properly in the first place, if you want the engine swap 'on your plate' it only needs to be seen by the RDW and they will visually inspect and approve it if it's done properly.
If I get the motor mounted I will have it inspected asap (before regulations might change), no need for the car to be running, having a firewall or whatever, they'll only check the engine and how it's mounted.
If I want to get it on the road again (now it's suspended) it needs APK (annual check) where they'll check everything from tire profile till brake balance, structural integrity etc.
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