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Originally Posted by M.H. Yount View Post
Sounds like you have a 4.10 rear assembly that you're simply swapping a different style LSD into - so leaving the pinion in place and putting the ring gear back where it should be should work fine.
Exactly this. 4.10 pinion perfectly installed, just bring the RING to match it. As DANA put the shims under the carrier bearings, this could be an iterative process... but I hope not. I'll put my low mile LSD in with the bearings/shims it came with (92K miles reportedly) and we'll see if the preload is proper AND the backlash. That's all it takes.

I did a full pinion setup on the 70 Chevelle.... an iterative process that I must have made 8 shim changes on to get right! No time for that on this car.......
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