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Originally Posted by Harlard View Post
Drove an M56-swapper 850R with 302mm brakes for a week. That felt good. Really good.

Mr Saabaholic sir, you may want to consider the 302mm brake upgrade also; it's all stock parts; rotor, caliper bracket, and 850 caliper, plus a couple grade 10 washers. You get much better pad selection thia way.

After some more digging around, I'm pretty sure that XC90 brakes are also very easy to adapt.
I'm sure the 302 setup is a decent improvement over the factory 280 stuff.

Originally Posted by M.H. Yount View Post
Well, there were different types of brakes on different models of 850's, and some differences between stateside and non-stateside models - perhaps that's where the overlap lies.
From experience, the factory brakes on my 850R were quite horrible and the brakes on my 97 850 NA were also horrible. A stoptech 332mm kit fixed it though
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The only safe bet is Ben.
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