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New ETA for finish on paint is end of November. In the meantime we have been shopping with DVS and Kaplhenke.

Project MU RC09 front brake pads
DVS 250lbs 40mm Lowered front springs. Current unknowns will be kept as spares
Adjustable Panhard bar
Lower Brace kit
Adjustable swaybar link kit

Adjustable torque rods
Rear axle spherical bearings

These items will certainly finish off underneath on handling department very nicely. We have the Koni adjustable shocks on front and Konis on rear

We have spread our cash around all well known Volvo suppliers worldwide now I think. IPD, Skandix, DVS, Kaplhenke, Roger Patricio and various OEM Volvo parts suppliers. Fantastic to be still able to source parts and services of such quality. We are now poised to attack the car once we have it back from paint. We will be racing in 2015!

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