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Originally Posted by superboosted View Post
LS Coils on Buckha Board
After speaking to super boosted and redrawing his diagram because thats how my brain works. (I draw it, I understand it) I think I understand what I am doing.

My question is, I want to get my car running in perfect order before I add all the +T stuff. Which means I want to have the wasted spark conversion up and running.

I am already running the 850T Orange injectors. I just want to make sure I am not having to redo the EZK wiring when I +T, so my questions are-

1. Can I run a Turbo EZK with and N/A ECU till I complete the +T?
2. Which EZK is best to use? I have the following turbo ezks- 148, 214, 207 Gold Box

Here is the wiring diagram I drew up in case the color coding helps anyone else-

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