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Is 15 cars too many?
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Yes, they do.
Go here and login.
Then click on clubs, then high mileage club. That's where they hid all the info on it. I don't see where they put the pdf you fill out on there, but it used to be there. You can also ask your dealer parts or service counter for a form (don't ask sales, they won't have a clue and will tell you strange things). You may or may not have to bring the car in to the dealer for an odometer reading, but in general you will not and it is free if you do.

To the best of my knowledge they have done the high mileage awards since at least the late 80's without stopping, though the badge design has changed at least three times. The badges in this post (square metal ones) are the second generation. I have seen a half-dozen or so on cars, but I live in Seattle.
Mercedes is the one that keeps canceling and bringing back their high mileage awards. Annoying.
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