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Originally Posted by MSGGrunt View Post
Are the stock 240 fuel pumps up to the task or do I need to grab one or both of them off the 940?
Pull the fuel pumps. Both are higher capacity than your 240 pumps for good reason. You don't need to do anything special as far as the distributor is concerned. Just put the stock 240 plug in the back of the head and swap your 240 distributor and auxiliary shaft over to the 940 engine. The sending unit alone out of that 940 tank is worth $50. A working instrument cluster, $100. The AC components aren't going to do you any good. You might pull the R-134 compressor and sell it to someone else for $50. Test the G80 before you part the car out. If it is good, you can install it in your 240, or, sell it for $125-$150 with the gear set to someone else. The resistor pack is mounted to the inner apron just above the battery. Grab the ignition module while you are at it. It is no different from the one on your 240, however, they are getting expensive these days.
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