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I think I misunderstood when you said:
Originally Posted by leecatd8209 View Post
It seems to run fine indefinitely when I go back to the stock ignition setup.
Do you mean that it worked with the wasted spark board removed, and the original coil/ignitor? Or did you swap to a different non-wasted spark EZK too?

After it failed, would it run at all after cooling down or sitting for a day?

Have you replaced your CPS recently, or at least unplugged it and cleaned the connector pins?

Leaving the original ignitor wired up should be OK, but disconnect the original coil so that it doesn't try to spark to nowhere and generate extra electrical noise. It is also OK to not ground the aluminum ignitor heat sink block.

[I looked at a picture of the wasted spark board in more detail, and it looks like it has extra drive transistors included, so it should be able to drive high-current ignitors OK.]
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