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Today is the day we bought her back home to start reassembly. Very happy with results of paintwork.

Once we got it home we took a hose, bucket and spounge and we washed down the car completely top to bottom and inside out to get rid of the body shop dust. Chamois dry as well as air blow out and the car has been set aside to dry out this week and we will do final cleaning and detailing as we go about the reassembly process.

Here is the car on the trailer for the journey home.

Here is most of the black trim painted ready for reassembly. Mirrors, Wiper arms and side windows will be picked up this week.

A Rear shot after wash and prior to reassembly. We will get rid of old stickers on reassembly and we have a reprint large sticker to go on thanks to Dave Barton. We will touch up black bits behind bar as we tackle each part as well.

Here it is after wash and wheels removed awaiting final assembly.

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