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A late Friday night in the shed. We have been trying to get to car all week but life keeps getting in the way. Anyway here's the results of 6 hours effort. The objective was to get all the black trim on car and tail lights in as we have the stickers (decals) being made up and he is due to fit it all next week including factory stripe kit. We also have the fabricator making up the dummy tank and improving our dry brake mounts. This too should be back next week.

New body tabs in place - They are fun to get all tabs in - Not

Thank you Dave Barton. New inserts in original badges. Great to be able to access such items. We also replaced the triangle stickers on the doors. Also fitted the new outside window scrapers from same source. Piece of cake to do.

Various pictures with body trim and other items in place.

Boot rubber still to be fitted which will bring up boot to line up with sides

We have to do some work on broken mounting tabs on front bar rubber. We will be checking the donor cars to see if we can get one with more tabs in place especially the ones on side near front guards

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