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The fan will be connected so it will blow air onto screen in demist mode if turned on. Just will not be capable of directing air anywhere else. Will not blow any heat. Effectiveness of this is questionable but we will have rainex products on inside and outside of screen anyway and the air flow just may help (might not too and we wont know until conditions arise). The biggest issue we have found is race cars with little to no interior that leak in rain and with the heat generated through floors and water pooling on floors the inside fogs up very quickly. The group C cars run a full interior (some choose to remove carpet which is allowable under rules and optional) but we intend to run it for that factory look so should not have that extra green house effect to deal with. We have also made sure as best we can that we ensure it does not leak.

Here it is on the Ground Sticker/Decal day

Should have straightened or turned the front wheels towards camera for extra effect but ah well


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