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Thanks David -

Todays shakedown not as successful as we hoped. Only got 2 laps in and we spent the day chasing an electrical gremlin that was taking out the fuel pumps. The fuel would start to starve until the pumps would stop completely. As well as this the gauges would be jumping around all over the place. Of course it would not do it at home and waited to the track to surface. In the end battery gave out too just to add to the excitement. Good news it does brake and steer and the local Auto Electrician confirmed our Alternator is charging (free of charge thanks). Ran many wiring checks all in the name of getting some runs in to no avail. We managed to leave our spare fuel pump relay at home on the bench some 100kms away so we figured that will be the likely culprit. Just prior to heading home we spotted an extra relay in the fuel pump circuit that we thought was put there by our mechanic but upon checking he said it was already there so he had left it in place. Like everything with a little thinking time on way home my partner in crime had it sorted within 10 minutes of being back home. Previous owner ran a turbo and had inserted another relay in the fuel pump circuit for reasons not known to us which when we looked at factory wring for normally aspirated engine did not need to be there. Removed the relay and plugged wires to standard positions and we had liftoff. Was hoping for some track pics but these couple will have to do.

Start of day before the fun and games had commenced

If you don't go you might as well look good

In all the chaos we spotted a couple of small things that we will fix prior to next test so whilst we did not get seat time we were hoping for we have moved one step closer. Race weekend is first weekend in May and we should make it.

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