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In Hindsight we should have done this months ago before commencing reconstruction but hey you live and learn.

We thought we had a cruisy Friday night with a tidy up of a few small issues identified in Shakedown 1 but by the end of the night we were ready to push her in the corner and forget her for a while or burn it as we could not get a handle on the electrical gremlins which surfaced as we dug a little deeper. We called it a night in disgust and retreated. I did a couple of hours research when I got home then dragged out the factory wiring diagram and mapped out each fuse in and out and we made the decision to start at fuse 1 and work down the board. It was a dogs breakfast and I don't know how anything ran at all and it was lucky we had not already had an electrical fire. Too many people have had a go over the last 30 years. Hard to believe there were two fuses with the power feed wires on the power out side. No wonder we were generating some heat on a couple and there was lots of weird stuff happening. What I cant figure is why it did not surface earlier.

I checked my notes against one of our donor cars that still has factory wiring in place and my notes were backed up by observation so hooked in and went through them 1 by 1 and cleaned and checked fuses and holders as I went. Took a good few hours as some past handy work needed to be returned to standard. Powered it back up and checked power to each side of every fuse and all good. Put in a new indicator and fuel pump relay and fired her up. We finally had everything back up and running and full fuel relay functionality. Let it run for a good 20 minutes to make sure we had no issues when everything warmed up. Checked alternator charging and still no go so back to basics on that too. When checking realised we had failed to earth it. Goes to show it was missed by all and sundry for all these months. Fixed that and we now have charge and all lights in dash on start up. Plenty of lessons learned but most important is to just go back to basics when confronted by many issues that make no sense.

PS We have bought a Dave Barton external adjustable regulator for the Alternator so we can dial in a little extra charge. We are going to get our spare reconditioned and fit it up with the new regulator and consign the current one to our spares for away meets.

If work plays ball we will be back to track Wednesday for shakedown mark 2

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