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Problem was self-imposed. During the switchover from 2-line front calipers to 1-line, I chose to plug the extra ports for the lines corresponding to the upper lines on each (former) front caliper. This ultimately created the imbalance of having 3 corners on one MC circuit (cylinder) and 1 on the other.

The FAQ I was following made no mention of choosing specific ports to plug, so I happily ignored it because trying to decipher that 8-port junction block buried down there below the fuel lines, vacuum lines, A/C lines and misc. wiring was making me dizzy. Should have been more careful to trace each line back to its source.

After moving the lines and plugs around and rebleeding, now I have braking at all 4 corners, and similar rotor temps. Not sure if I have entirely solved the RR wanting to lock up; more testing will tell.

I may end up swapping over the 93 940 MC as well (larger cylinders?), if I can figure out a way to get the hardlines to mate up with it.

Now that I have stronger front brakes I also get to deal with brake dive.

So far I haven't noticed any difference from the increased unsprung weight (larger brakes/hub/rotor).

Thanks to sbabbs who helped out with a generous PM correspondence.
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