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I wish I had some pictures to contribute, but my laptop is pretty Volvo free. I'm not sure what my original inspiration was, but at the VCOA meet in Knoxville I saw Paul Schue's black 240 wagon and wanted it so bad. At the time I had my original Volvo ('88 740 GLE) and my project 145. I think Dave Barton's wagon is an inspiration for my 145 (I know... wrong model), as well as the medium blue 244 that's been floating around with the S70 airdam and side skirts in it (we all know which one I'm talking about ). I have the airdam and the car... just lacking the time and the talent. And Chicca's (real name unknown to me) 744SE may have been the motivation for me to find my SE. Very well done car.

That's it. Just wanted to contribute. If anyone has pictures handy of the above mentioned cars, feel free to share

1991 745 SE Wagon - Family Car in the making...
1974 145 - Auto-X project.
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