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Default chasing a charging issue

( i finally convinced my wife to make it her daily driver instead of buying some used junk so i gotta get this thing charging!!)

my 1991 240 wagon, was sitting 3 years and i put a new battery in her and she faithfully fired up. i slapped a temp tag on her and drove her 20 miles until i had to clean the mouse nest out of the air filter and drive the other 25 miles to our new home. new air filter, rebuilt window motor, can of seafoam and a handful of various bulbs and i drove her to get her inspection. when i went to drive my newly passed 240 home she tried to crank but didn't have the juice... the inspector gave me a jump and i got the old girl home. i figured it was probably the alternator that had gone bad so i looked around and got me a rebuilt one from a auto parts store. put it on that night jumped her off and let her idle a while while i cleaned the interior. the next day i get a call from my distressed wife that she is stranded at the grocery store.

when i get home i put the multi meter on and the alternator is only putting out 12v but when i take the leads off of the battery it reads 14.3v. i test it several times in various locations however the results are the same (with a variance of .3 or so) i take the battery out and take it to go get tested at an auto parts store. they say its good but dead and will charge it for me and test it when its full. i go home and take the alternator off, clean and inspect all connections everything is a-ok. i pop a different battery i have in and the same thing is going on. i head back up to the store grab my newly charged battery and replace it into the 240. the fella there checks it out and says my voltage regulator is failing.

from what i understand the VR is built in to the back of the alternator, i just bought a re manufactured one, before i go accusing some poor shop keep of selling me a bum alternator does anyone have any advice or has any one experienced anything similar.

also i saw the mouse today, he is still in the engine compartment.

thanks to anyone who read my short story
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