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The only problem I have had using Leatherique, it has way too much gloss. Before I did anything, a friend of mine restored some black 240 seats and the seats ended up with a weird shiny wet look to them. When I ordered my stuff I sent them a sample piece of leather and had them do a color match for some 240 tan seats (color match was good). I also made a special request for NO-GLOSS and they still came out way too shiny. Maybe they just don't do non-glossy seats. So as long as you don't mind shiny leather, Leatherique is great.
Dave B
I too ordered from Leatherique,sent them a sample from under the rear seat of my Bertone.The sample had a matte finish and the mix they sent came out matte too!Maybe I got lucky but the dye is available with and without shine.


Any shine is from the camera.
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