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Get some springs (stock can not get past 6500) about 40kg seat 110 at 12 mm, steel retainers - not titanium not aluminum, and check ENEM's products. This will get you up to 7500 rpm easily. Tested on my project.

Lift on a these heads can easily go up to 12,5mm but you don't need to do more.

I use ENEM K13 TURBO (280/280/113/115/12.5/12.5/1.8/1.2/0.40) for 400+ hp and idle is perfectly good while pulling like crazy..

You could even try ENEM K15 TURBO (292/292/111/115/12.5/12.5/2.6/2.0/ 0.40) for 500+ hp.

Note the cams refer to engine power not whp, so you need something targeted well over 400 hp to have a bit of tuning headroom !!
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