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Default b230fk dynoresults (211whp)

hey guys,
found time to do a dynopull and it went pretty much as i expected.

i hit 250bhp(211whp) at 4400rpm and 401nm at 3800rpm with following setup.

- unopened b230fk with 250kilometers (stock 530 head)
- mamba td04hl-20T, 7cm housing (cone-outlet) at 14PSI (1bar)
- 3" DP - 3" 200cell cat - 2.5" Simons exhaust (2 mufflers)
- VX3 cam (stock timing)
- 012 maf / 440cc Green Giants injectors
- Stoni´s chips (lh/ezk)
- Kl-Racing Intercooler
- Snowperformence Water/Meth Injection (starts at 6Psi)
- TTV Racing Flywheel with 850R Clutch
- NGK bpr8es sparkplugs

i was surprised in the first place that the peak hp number was at 4400rpm, but in the end i think it´s due the small hotside and mild VX3 cam. it still continued to 5500rpm with 200whp, so no big loss in power. Afr´s were spot on 11.2/1 with 50% meth in the watertank.

The numbers come from a dynojet, which should be pretty realistic. I Guess haha

Thread is for those who care (:
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