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Turbo, what?
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Originally Posted by swizzy View Post
Thread is for those who care (:
Thanks! It's always fun to read about other people's experiences with proof to show what it's done.

You appear to understand your setup and it's limitations, but as Harald mentioned, one of the first things I would do is get rid of that camshaft. If you want to get a wider powerband that includes a higher HP peak, something along the lines of the factory V, IPD Turbo, or ENEM V15 camshafts would be good. They won't hurt your low rpm performance much, if at all, and should make more power/torque everywhere, especially above your current HP peak. That HP peak makes it seem like you're running a T cam, even!

Is the B230FK engine originally a light pressure turbo engine with a little higher compression ratio than the B230FT?

Another thing you could try, is retarding the camshaft a little bit and tightening your exhaust valve clearances if they're on the looser end of spec. It'll still be far from ideal, but may add a little more power up top with not much difference down low.
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