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Thanks for the replies.

Well i got the VX3 for cheap, which is slightly better than the stock T cam. I also had a Kl-Racing Stage 2 Cam with this setup and was way overcamed (stupid me). I was looking for a used V or Ipd Cam, but they are unicorns in europe and i am not able to spend money for a new one atm. Does anyone have one for sale?

The reason why i run water/meth is : 1. i got it for cheap 2. why not? 3. it made a pretty good differnece, probably not powerwise, but made it feel a lot healthier.

Without meth the afrs are in the mid 12s and a slight tendency to knock occurs. I guess the restrictons of the exhaust flow causes this problem and the need of a better cam gets bigger.

greetings from switzerland
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