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Default O2 sensors

When I was at Autozone they said the universal listing for a 1993 245 from Bosch is 15737. I never tried it though because it was expensive. I've used the 15727 four wire on two LH2.4 240 series. My old 1989 and now my 1993 wagon. It works very well. The instruction sheet reads that you can leave the extra ground wire off but I run it to the valve cover.

The car runs great with the 15727 sensor. It was $60 at the Autozone in Burlington, NJ.
Prior to this I was running an NTK three wire universal on my wagon and after about six months it started setting the bad O2 sensor signal. Maybe I got a bad one but after feeling how much better my car runs with the 15727 I don't think the NTK universal is compatible with LH2.4.

Thanks for the list!
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