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Originally Posted by JohnLane View Post
You sir are in need of more radiator capacity.
Aftermarket aluminum radiators can be purchased by core size, by application... Made up however you like. Another 3-5 pounds in a big aluminum radiator is well worth the effort when the engine stays cool regardless of savagery on the part of the driver.

I did this in the rallycar. Temp gauge never climbs.
Agreed. Mishimoto would is a go-to for aftermarket aluminum radiators for me. They have fantastic build quality, not to mention a kick ass warranty that covers front end collision.
Originally Posted by 87_240TURBO View Post

-My car: White 1991 244, 308k miles. B230F LH2.4, AW70, R134a retro. Thrush glasspack, anthracite refinished Coronas
-Wife's car: White 1990 244DL, T cam, 190k miles.B230F LH2.4, AW70 w/aux cooler, Duracool AC w/condenser fan, purple refinished Virgos, tow hitch, ipd wagon overload springs.
-PSM 2002 Subaru WRX wagon: 120k miles, Perrin TBE, Perrin turbo inlet, intake, and Y-pipe, GrimmSpeed cross pipe.
Rebuilding EJ207 shortblock to swap in this summer.
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