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Got the 16T mounted, and a wastegate fabbed up. The stock 16T one was pooched (wouldn't react to pressure/vac, diaphragm must be torn), and there's no way I was going to use the 13C I dug into the parts bin and made one up out of a spare DSM 14b can I had. Nice and big, and a decent amount of travel.

This is as close as the pics will get, I know how this place feels about fab work that's less than stellar ;).

I had to shorten the rod, so I threaded it for some preload adjustability. It was conveniently already bent, so it doesn't foul the oil return either. I am going to use the stock downpipe, cut and rotated, since it's in really good shape. I'll blend that into the 940 dp I have, and connect it to my stock DL exhaust.
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