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Pictures would be great, thank you . The big difference, I'm finding, is mainly the crank pulley. The B21 crank pulley mounts completely differently, and is a multi-piece affair. I'm taking advantage of that by setting the trigger wheel to bolt up to the stock hub that the other pullies bolt to. I should have pics up tomorrow.

MS2 has progressed to the point where the EDIS controller isn't needed anymore. I'll be sending the trigger signal from the wheel straight in to the MS2 box, and I'll be able to run a nice wasted spark coil, vs the stock dizzy/single coil.

I am using a Subaru coil pack, because I had one, but I have already discovered a tweak that could have had me pulling my hair out. Subies have a different firing order than regular upright piston engines. They use 1-3-2-4, vs. 1-3-4-2, so their coilpacks have 1-2 and 3-4 grouped together. A regular waste spark coil has a 1-4 and 3-2 groups, to allow for alternating firing. I have to switch my plug wires for 2 and 4 in order to get it to fire on all cylinders...I think, lol. Time will tell .
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