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To be honest i think that anyone looking for this to be a "power" mod are not going to be pleased, it's a means to an end, yes you get more low end torque, i can now drive in traffic at 30 mph in 5th instead of waiting till i was doing 40-45, i have had to lean my mixture setting to get it to run the same, but as far as a difference in power goes, i haven't noticed a difference really, but then again it's a difference between a 531 that i'm used to and this modded 530, i won't know for sure until i mod the 531, and even then power is a subjective thing and i for 1 am not going to be making any claims unless they are obvious to me.

Your supposed to have the head skimmed at the same time as doing the mod, the better detonation resistance means you can run higher c/r without adverse effects, this is probably where the extra power comes from, sorry i'd forgotten as i did it for my +t so i can run more boost.

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