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Slight update.

In addition to the list in the last post, the MAF terminals and connector are now brand new, switching MAFs makes zero difference. Also I pulled the cat and it made no difference so it's back on the car. Exhaust is definitely not plugged or restricted.

The last few days, the popping has seemed to be less severe. Now if I hit boost, right when I should feel the power kick in the car acts like it was suddenly attached to an extra half-ton of weight - abrupt slowdown, bucking and fighting unless I ease off the gas. I smell gassy exhaust fairly frequently although the plugs aren't discolored and I can never track down the source, nor am I seeing black smoke or anything of that nature. FPR is not leaking.

I know this thread is all over the place guys, I'm sorry. The symptoms keep shifting and I obviously have more than one issue. Still no codes on fuel or ignition.

What else could this be? Blocked fuel filter? Bad O2 sensor? Bad ignition coil?
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