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Rargh zombie thread.

First of all, I was wrong, you were all right, the CBV was sucking in unmetered air. I don't know how I didn't see it before, maybe it was stuck or something, but yeah that was definitely part of the issue. Pops and stumbling are gone as far as I can tell.

New piping installed, everything from the compressor to the intercooler inlet is new. Pressure test post intercooler holds pressure, pressure test pre compressor leaks down quickly and there is a loud whoosh, but it's not coming from the boost plumbing. The wastegate isn't moving unless I put the air system directly on the line heading to it.

The thing is I can't figure out where the air might be going. Pretty sure the wastegate actuator isn't leaking internally or it wouldn't work when air is applied to it, right?. The air outlet and inlet on the turbo are all brand new silicone and aluminum and it's all tightened down nicely using new T-bolt clamps finished off with a low-power hit from the impact electric wrench just to make sure. The air seems to be coming out near the wastegate actuator or at least on that side, but I'll have to go back to it tomorrow because the manifold was too hot for me to get in there and feel around.

Any ideas, guys? I really can't afford to just yank the turbo out and explore without a REALLY good reason.

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