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(Is anyone even still reading this? I know I'm rambling all over the place here.)

Ended up trimming the female-threaded portion of the actuator rod to fit, seems to work okay. I have no idea why they are different, the ipd one matches the ones I've seen in pictures for a T3. Once again my car is just weird. I'm wondering if maybe the previous owner threw a misfit Saab actuator on there at some point or something.

The new actuator was either the last air leak or at least the last major one, although I believe I have just traded an air quantity/pressure problem for a combustion problem since I'm not back to 100% operation yet.

When cold, the car will almost always take off like a rocket, just like when I first got it or near enough as makes no difference. As it warms up, it gets less punchy, until when it's fully warmed up it does something really odd.

Basically if I stomp on it, it will rev, build boost, nothing will happen, then I will get a backfire/pop (same noise as before, hollow sounding, more of a 'FOOMP' than anything else) accompanied by a fluttery/surgy noise, then at the upper end of the powerband it will suddenly catch and start moving, but by that point I've already let off the gas due to fear of damage. (I have stopped hitting the pedal hard because I believe I will cause some pricey, exciting damage if I keep trying it that way). It's actually kind of similar to the sensation of a turbo hose popped loose, only self-correcting.

If I had to describe it to a non-Volvo person I would say that it almost feels like it's building pressure against an obstruction, then blowing the obstruction loose at around 4-5000 RPM and resuming normal operation. I know that doesn't make much sense but that's the best way I can describe it.

If I feather the throttle carefully, it will accelerate fine, and sometimes even get a little bit of boost.

At this point I'm thinking I just need to start doing the rest of the stage 0 stuff, plugs/wires/cap/rotor, fuel filter, and see if that helps. RPM sensor is new, AMM is supposedly from a known good car although I may pick up a few more to see what happens.

Anyone have any 'check this first' stuff? My budget at the moment is less fantastic than usual, so I can't really afford to shotgun replace parts at this point.
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