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I was able to crawl up under the car this morning before it got hot. I've been needing to notch the bottom of the air box because it was pushing up against the do88 intercooler coupler. I finally got it done today just by cutting a wedge out and resealing it.

I also installed a used k&n filter I picked up off the board after a fresh cleaning. I broke a clip off the airbox afterward but rigged it back up to close well.

Then, I finally got around to installing the shifter bushings. Everything came apart easily and was pretty straight forward. The old bushings werent in awful shape and the new ones didnt get rid of all my slop in the shifter.The STS bronze bushings fit well though and did make shifts a little more crisp.

Oh, and confirmed the previous previous owner installed a short throw shifter of sorts with the m47 swap.

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