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Just found your 940T thread.... and your car looks a lot like mine! Nice work, and I see you are learning the 9 series.

I've shared your pain with my own heater core replacement.... detailed that nightmare in my build thread. Not something I want to do again! I did use a copper replacement, only to find the connection bibs were soldered "slightly different" than OEM. I sure hope you don't have to go back in....... I don't want to see that guy again!

Just skimming thru..... did you buy the do88 Intercooler as well, or just the hoses/pipes? I had the full setup in my shopping basket, but just couldn't pull the trigger ($$$$). I've kept my factory FMIC at 16 PSI, and have not blown it apart yet. I'm hoping this winter I can finally get my M90 and LSD rear installed in my car. And then there's that T3/T04 Hybrid I bought from you years back :-)

Speaking of cool AC, I've been driving the last month with the windows down, as my 92 has developed a leak. Full charge of R134a cools great for a day, but by day#3 she's flat. Just as soon as my Ford Van is running again (also down for AC) I'll put the 940 in the cool basement workshop and find/fix the leak.

Great to see another "Polar White" 4 door sedan looking good!
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