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Originally Posted by DET17 View Post
Just found your 940T thread.... and your car looks a lot like mine! Nice work, and I see you are learning the 9 series.

I've shared your pain with my own heater core replacement.... detailed that nightmare in my build thread. Not something I want to do again! I did use a copper replacement, only to find the connection bibs were soldered "slightly different" than OEM. I sure hope you don't have to go back in....... I don't want to see that guy again!

Just skimming thru..... did you buy the do88 Intercooler as well, or just the hoses/pipes? I had the full setup in my shopping basket, but just couldn't pull the trigger ($$$$). I've kept my factory FMIC at 16 PSI, and have not blown it apart yet. I'm hoping this winter I can finally get my M90 and LSD rear installed in my car. And then there's that T3/T04 Hybrid I bought from you years back :-)

Speaking of cool AC, I've been driving the last month with the windows down, as my 92 has developed a leak. Full charge of R134a cools great for a day, but by day#3 she's flat. Just as soon as my Ford Van is running again (also down for AC) I'll put the 940 in the cool basement workshop and find/fix the leak.

Great to see another "Polar White" 4 door sedan looking good!
Thanks for the kind words. Your build threads have always been inspiring and I only wish I had that much attention to detail.

I am still rocking the factory intercooler, although one day I will pull the trigger on the do88 version. The "plug and play" aspect draws me in. All of their products really are top notch though. The pipes and hoses were due for replacement per stage zero. As of late, I've been focusing on a "buy once, cry once" mentality, so trying to make the best decisions the first time.

My idea is to slowly upgrade everything, with the turbo being last. Intercooler, exhaust and cam and then we'll see what the 13c is capable of.
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