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Still need to:
- finish the downpipe - I got a 3" oval 90-degree bend to make fitting it between the starter and frame a bit easier.
- heater hoses - I plan on running the 'hot' hose through a pressure reservoir and using a non-vented cap on the radiator. Also, LS motors apparently need coolant flow through the heater circuit all the time, even if the heat is off, I looked around and found an automatic bypass valve ( ). If the heater valve is open, a spring pushes the valve to make coolant flow through it. If that shuts off, it senses the pressure and the spring allows the coolant to push the valve open and it loops directly back. You can just add it anywhere along the heater lines - wherever it's out of the way and both lines are close to each other.
- Fuel lines - still haven't pulled the tank. I'm considering just hooking it up to the DW300 for a little bit - just to get the thing running and mobile, shake a few bugs out, then pull the tank and put the dual pump setup in it.
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