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Thumbs up Thanks for the feedback fellas

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Have you put a meter on the o2 sensor and watched the voltage at warmed up idle? Your description of the o2 operation just doesn't sound correct. The signal should bounce around the 14.7 at fully warmed up idle. It should be constantly hunting or oscillating as the controller adds fuel then removes fuel to keep the mixture corrected. A sensor giving just a steady signal at warmed up idle is bad. There is also a test lead wire for LH2.2 dwell. I think it was a red wire on the inside left fender.

Where is the o2 sensor located in your setup and is it heated or single wire?
The car looks great!
Thanks! It looks good on the road but its running crappy right now.
The o2 is working just as you describe. 14ish was my way of explaining the bounce.
The current o2 is a three wire unit and is mounted just after the turbo at the downpipe.
The test lead wire would apply to my LH2.2 swap? Previous owner did the swap. What does dwell mean?
Location of the o2

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Man, I need GTAs. What adapters did you buy?
I had custom adapters made. Took a lot of fab and cutting to make them work.

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Did you swap to EZK ignition also?

You don't see a temp sensor??? Wut the fluck does that mean? Hey your ECU needs to see one...
Sbabbs- No EZK ignition. using the breakerless. I have to look closer to find the coolant temp sensor. That might be my problem....the coolant gauge on the dash is not working either.
The picture Billymayshere posted should help me find it. Would the Kjet motor have the two sensors in the same location as described in the photo?

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Thanks for the links to the manuals
this is a huge help.
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